About our company

Alpine Coolers Limited is a market leader in provision of bottled drinking water for not just offices but residences as well  in Nairobi,  its outskirts and the rest of the country too.

Alpine Coolers Limited has been in the Bottled Water Business for more than 25 years. Alpine Coolers water is purified with a multi-stage – state of the art purification system that ensures the final
product is of highest quality. These steps ensure that Alpine water has the same pure crisp taste every time you drink it!

Our company was established in 1993
Our services include rental of Alpine coolers hot & cold water dispensers and 100% guaranteed, premium pure drinking water delivered right to your doorstep.
Full Control
Healthy Composition
7 Filtration Stages
Quality certificates
We are the leading producer of purified bottled drinking water in Kenya

We are guided by our 5 pillars

Safe Drinking Water

Alpine  water is purified with a multi-stage – state of the art purification system that ensures the final product is of highest quality. 


Alpine Water is sourced from an aquifer sunk 250 meters underground, past 2 impervious layers of rock, providing Clean and Safe Water – which is further purified by a State of the art 7 stage Purification process. 

Impeccable Service

We set ourselves apart from our competitors by offering good quality products and unparalleled levels of after sale support and service.

Convenient Delivery

Our online computerized system and a fleet of over 70 trucks ensures automatic and prompt deliveries right to your doorstep.

Quality Control

Alpine’s  water purification system offers the latest purification processes which meet or exceed the quality standards ensuring that our water is the purest and safest.

Value for Money & Innovation

We continuously evolve to meet our customers ever changing needs and requirements. We constantly introduce new products with new technology that add value to our services.